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The ARRL National Traffic System (NTS) is not like the proposed Emergency Ham Network.


For generations the ARRL has overseen NTS. This national system says in Its documentation "to handle written traffic and participate in directed nets." Reading more of the official documentation, it was difficult for me to get a clear understanding of their charter or administration process. There is a well-developed operating procedures and rules. Digging further I find this extract from the ARRL main documentation "Frequently, ARRL Headquarters is asked how a net or digital node (BBS) may become a part of NTS. This usually isn't easy, because NTS is not a "club for nets" which any existing net may join at will. In addition, making nets a part of NTS is less a matter of official action than a "state of mind" of the net itself." It goes on and in subsequent points appear to make it clear that any net within NTS can only operate within region and not beyond those boundaries.

My reading of this and unanswered questions from ARIS officials leads me to conclude that if there was a valid Emergency Ham Network that offered advantages to NETS, they may include it as required. But they had no mandate or desire to help create such a network.

Therefor I think it is reasonable to conclude that the independent formation of a group of Licensed Radio Operators, like an Emergency Ham Network, will not compete with any current ARRL groups.

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Monday, 20 May 2024