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Making the Emergency Ham Network FUN!


We talked about the value in using the EHN 24/7 even without an emergency, primarily because of the "use it or loose it" theory on our licensed spectrum. But what would we use for traffic, how can we give some reward to all our contributors who would have spent their time and effort building out the network? Bluntly, what gratification and enjoyment can we all get once its built. How can we make it fun?

Well, the Internet of Things seems to generate a whole lot of interest and value in many of our day to day lives. I'm not so much thinking of using the EHN to switch on lights or the TV but monitoring and sending all the data from a connected weather station, perhaps the power voltage/frequency. Even the current speed of your internet connection. With this data sent daily from every node and posted on a map of the US we would have an interesting display of the net's capability. I am sure more mutually helpful tings to monitor would mature as we all share our experience and expectation.

Although not a IoT, if many of the EHN nodes could interface a radio to regularly measure beacons across the bands, we would get a real time map of propagation within the US and beyond. Now that feels more like a useful contribution to our cause.

So, I believe a digital Emergency Ham Network, connecting hundreds of nodes across America would open up beneficial and fun service everybody could enjoy and learn.

What would you like to see connected? Share your thoughts. Comment below.

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Friday, 14 June 2024