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Autopatch or Phonepatch Matures into the Biggest EHN Customer Base?

pexels-maarten-van-den-heuvel-4254896 Photo by Maarten Van-den-Heuvel

Back in the day, more precisely the 1960's Amateur Radio Operators provided a valuable service during the Vietnam war. By coupling the local phone system to their transceivers Hams were able to allow American soldiers "free" phone calls home. Usually, you needed the help of an operator in your own state as interstate trunk calls were expensive, but...

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The ARRL National Traffic System (NTS) is not like the proposed Emergency Ham Network.


For generations the ARRL has overseen NTS. This national system says in Its documentation "to handle written traffic and participate in directed nets." Reading more of the official documentation, it was difficult for me to get a clear understanding of their charter or administration process. There is a well-developed operating procedures and rules....

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Would the Emergency Ham Network protect our licensed allocations?


What would you use a national digital network for when there was not an emergency? It makes no sense to develop such a complex challenging project just to leave it sitting waiting for its ultimate test. For context, let's consider the lonely UPS powering your computer system. For months it sits apparently powering your electronics, then suddenly no...

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Why create the Emergency Ham Network?

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels Obsolete street Fire Alarm

Well, like many similar ventures, I want to change the way things are. I am a seasoned professional engineer who has spent his adult life working for large corporations inventing and improving stuff. That all started because at the tender age of 14 years old I met a Radio Amateur who went on to inspire me and develop my gift of being able to unders...

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